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My Approach


I work in a confidential, respectful, sensitive and intuitive way with an emphasis on understanding your world and what works for you. I seek to support you in an uncritical way and encourage you to explore areas of difficulty and face challenges if and when you feel ready.



About Gestalt Counselling


Gestalt counselling is a part of the ‘humanistic’ approach to therapy and tends towards an optimistic view of the clients potential. At the heart of this philosophy is the idea that given the right environment the individual will naturally grow or self develop.


The client is seen as being at the centre of their world and the counsellor is there as a support whilst they explore it. If the client feels the need to adapt or change then the counsellor is on hand to support them through this too. Ultimately this is about growing to understand ourselves and taking charge of our lives in a sensitive way.


telephone: 07812 989187  /  email: info@peterdixoncounselling.co.uk